AzonCrossSeller Review-See my demo of AzonCrossSeller Amazon Plugin


I run a pretty big craft blog and I have some Amazon ads on it so I am naturally interested in ways to increase my Amazon affiliate income.  I was intrigued by the Sales Page for AzonCrossSeller because two items that caught my eye. Click the picture below for my video review…

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So in case you didn’t catch it, my two favorite features are:

1. 90 Day Cookies! This is huge. What that means is that you get credit for any purchases made within the next 90 days by the person who clicks your link.  Now you may recall that Christmas is right around the corner and I do most of my shopping on Amazon.  I imagine I am not alone in that. Awesome! This is done by using the “Add to Cart” functionality which gives you the 90 day cookie.

2. It’s Automated!  I mentioned I already had a few Amazon ads on my site using a plugin called EasyAzon.  Well AzonCrossSeller detects this plugin and automatically creates a cross-sell section using the product I list using EasyAzon. That means no extra work for me after I initially setup AzonCrossSeller.  This is awesome again!

See how it works by checking out a page on my craft blog here.  Scroll down to the bottom to see the area from the screenshot below….

That is the AzonCrossSeller plugin in action with no further work on my part! I am looking forward to see a boost in my Amazon affiliate earnings just by installing this little plugin on my site.  To get your own copy of AzonCrossSeller, click the button below.

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