Our Approach

This website is intended to be a resource and aid for those who are looking to find financial freedom through online marketing.  I have been involved in the internet marketing arena since the mid-90s when I worked with a couple of college buddies on an affiliate tracking program called Synergyx. We sold that piece of software for $1500 a pop to a few clients and that was my first taste of the joys, and travails found in the online marketing world.  Over the years I have experienced frustration with broken promises and misleading claims for a number of products and services.  I hope that the reviews, resources and tips found here will help to find the gold nuggets in the large fields of questionable offerings.

So who am I?

Well I started out my working career as a Mechanical Engineer for a large corporation. But I had a desire to fly fast jets so I applied for and was accepted to the US Navy as a Naval Aviator. I managed to complete all the flight training and eventually wound up as a FA-18 pilot for VFA-22.   After that initial sea tour I served as a flight instructor for the FA-18 Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) flying the Super Hornet.  After 10 years on active duty I transitioned to the reserves and joined a large defense contractor as an international program manager.  On the side I have had several online marketing adventures, and currently am the owner of a online digital marketing agency that serves offline clients.